How to Book Tours with Tangible Ethiopia?

How to Book Tours with Tangible Ethiopia?

Step 1: Enquiry

Step 2: Get a Quote

Step 3: Booking & Payment

Step 4: Confirmation

Step 1:Selection & Send an Enquiry

Browse the ready-made tour packages  on our website and select the route most suitable for you. Please click the “ Book Now ” button , fill in the form and then submit it to us.
If there is no itinerary in our ready-made tours that meets your needs, just click “Plan your travel” on the left side of the tour page, fill in the form with your requirements and then submit it to us. More detailed information is highly appreciated as it will help us optimize your customized tour plan more effectively.

Step 2
:Get a Quote within 48 Hours

After receiving your enquiry, one of our professional travel counselors will go to work for you. He/she will arrange a very reasonable itinerary and quote our best price. You will receive our reply within 48 hours.

Step 3
:Booking & Payment

When our proposal is in accordance with your plans, please show your acceptance of our offer by email and indicate to us your preferred method of payment. We accept payment through our Account Bank Transfer or Western Union. Be sure to look at our requirements in Terms & Conditions in relationship to your tour starting date. We will also provide you some suggestions and offer the detailed instruction about the payment procedure within the email.

Note: The relevant hotel and flight bookings will be made at this time. Therefore, the earlier that you confirm the tour, the more likely that the proposed itinerary can be adhered to.

Step 4:Confirmation

The tour is officially confirmed at the moment that we receive your payment. We will write an e-mail to confirm this with you. A travel voucher will be provided upon request.
About one week prior to your tour starting date, we will send you all necessary contact details for each Site, climate information and some further travel advice to help you with your packing.

We are all excited about your choice to visit Ethiopia!



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Ethiopia as the Winner of "World's Best Tourist Destination for 2015" Ethiopia's Most Beautiful World Heritage Sites Cultural: Aksum (1980), Fasil Ghebbi, Gondar Region (1979), Harar Jugol, the Fortified Historic Town (2006), Konso Cultural Landscape (2011), Lower Valley of the Awash (1980), Lower Valley of the Omo (1980), Rock-Hewn Churches, Lalibela (1978), Tiya (1980), Natural Simien National Park (1978)