Plan your travel

At Tangible Ethiopia Tour & Travel Agent you can plan your trip exactly as you wish.

Custom means Doing What You Want, when you want in the Style you want.

If you want to customize your tour:

  1. 1. Send us the details of your request and must see interest

  2. 2. Tangible Ethiopia  reviews your request and conform the availability and relevant details (This might require a few messages back and forth) A revised tour itinerary and prices quote (if necessary) is provided to you for approval

  3. 3. If everything is in order pay your customized tour. Of course you have the option of not accepting the   revised itinerary and price quote or requesting further changes.

Tangible Ethiopia Tour & Travel Agent undertakes to ensure that all possible care is taken so that the travel arrangements specified in your Itinerary run efficiently and successfully. These booking conditions seek to explain as clearly as possible the responsibilities undertaken between us when you make and we accept a reservation.

  1. A) Booking Process:

    If the tour we mentioned already meets your need:

  2. 1. Select your date and time and provide any needed information for your tour.

  3. 2. Tangible Ethiopia reviews your booking request and confirms their availability and relevant details.

  4. 3. If everything is in order, you have to pay the payment and the booking is confirmed.

) Change of Plans:

Whilst Tangible Ethiopia  will always Endeavour to fulfill entirely your Itinerary it is sometimes necessary to make alterations to an Itinerary for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, adverse weather conditions, political unrest, acts of terrorism, disruption of scheduled transport services, strike, official warnings as to personal safety of travelers or aviation authority, local authority or police restrictions.

In these circumstances Tangible Ethiopia Tour & travel agent reserves the absolute right, at its discretion, to make the changes it considers necessary. In such event we will offer substitute arrangements in the place of those affected, to the same standard.

) Cancellation:

If you decide to cancel your reservation Tangible Ethiopia   will forward a cancellation invoice to you to cover all cancellation charges. Cancellation charges will amount to 25% of the deposit if cancellation occurs more than 8 weeks before the scheduled start of the Itinerary or 100% of the deposit thereafter.

) Our Liability to You:

All elements of the Itinerary will be provided either by Tangible Ethiopia  Tour & Travel agent or by independent sub‐contracted suppliers. We accept responsibility for ensuring that the Itinerary reserved is provided at a reasonable standard and as described. Tangible Ethiopia  Tours will do all within its reasonable power to ensure that efficient and safe suppliers provide all elements of the Itinerary and  that they adhere to all laws and regulations governing their activities. Tangible Ethiopia Tours accepts no responsibility, save as required by law, for loss or additional expense due to delay or change in air, road, rail, sea or other services, or arising from quarantine, sickness, strikes, lockouts, weather or any other conditions outside the direct control of Tangible Ethiopia  Tours.  All Itineraries are issued on the sole responsibility of Tangible Ethiopia  Tours. They are not issued on behalf of and do not commit the airlines or any other transportation companies therein whose services are used in the course of the Itinerary.



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